Buchstabenmuseum (the museum of letters)

Today we want to tell you about a really nice letters archive found in Berlin: The museum of letters ( Buchstabenmuseum). This unique musuem is dedicated to the preservation and documentation of lettering, with a selection of some of the most beautiful signboards from all over
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Martin Z. Schröder

When he was young Martin Schröder was immersed in typography. His father was chief editor of a magazine, the mother instead worked in a publishing house for children. At the age 14 he was active in a working group. Later he learned the art of printing from the master Wolfgang
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Dave A Smith

Today is David A Smith’s turn.His name is a synonymous of high level in sign-writing and decorations on glass and mirrors.We find him very interesting because of his ability for painting letters, especially the decorative ones with a Victorian style.In his work we can see a
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