&type is a studio specialized in lettering design, typography, calligraphy and type design. We work on personal projects and on commission for brands in various fields.

video by Matteo Pane
THE PROJECT started with the aim to preserve traditional typography in the digital era. Our designs are focused on the study of the letterform and are realized with different styles and techniques. Inspired by antique books, calligraphy, graffiti and comics, we draw and print letters taking care of the project in the smallest details. Every job is handmade; but there is the possibility to digitalize it so it can be used in the new media. We create customized lettering for book covers, advertising, corporate identities, brands, videos, etc. We help you choosing the most suitable font to be used for your project. We offer workshops about printing, typographic design, engraving and calligraphy.

If you need an evaluation of your project, if you want cooperate with us, if you are organizing conferences and workshops, don’t hesitate and contact us with any question!
Our e-mail: type@andtype.it


Letterpress production of prints, with methods of xylography, letterpress & photopolymer on different papers (business cards, cards, books etc.) Poster design Graphic design and poster printing (max 70x100cm) Calligraphy lettering design and writing using different calligraphic styles Sign painting Creation of signs, texts and decorations on different materials (walls, blackboard, wood, metals, stones, etc.)
Custom lettering design and digitizing bespoke lettering jobs for the customer (logo, video, headline, etc.) Graphic design design of complex system based on type (corporate identities, books, typefaces, information architecture, etc.) Expert advice analysis and consulting about the most suitable font to be used for your project (corporate identity, websites, brochures, etc.)
As we think it’s essential not to lose the manual techniques of printing, we organize events & we offer our work space for courses and workshop Events Organization of workshops, conferences and exhibitions concerning typographic design and composition, letterpress, linocut and xylography. We also involve people in printing sessions during our events